Digital Input Monitoring and Alerts
Monitoring status of remote installations and device is one of the main feature offered by Qinntech products. Salient features of remote digital input monitoring application are as follows:
  • Continuous monitoring of digital signals
  • Update the status of digital inputs to the server Periodically
  • Configure individual inputs for generating events for falling, raising or on both conditions
  • Configure each input to send alert data to the server or through SMS on occurrence of any configured event.
  • Configure alert message text to be send as SMS messages on status change
  • Configure groups of mobile numbers to which alert messages are to be send.
  • Publish messages on MQTT broker with defined topic and message in case MQTT protocol is adopted.
  • Communicate status to the server on protocols like TCP,UDP or HTTP
  • Configuration of devices using serial port configuration utility, SMS or Server commands
Analog/Sensor Input Monitoring
Qinntech products offer various solutions for monitoring analog inputs from remote sensors and other devices. The wide available options and configurability makes these devices suitable for most of the requirements. High accuracy and reliability of analog inputs are achieved by state of the art design of the product. Some of the salient features of this solution are as follows:
  • High Accuracy and sampling speed
  • Options of different ranges of voltage inputs
  • Option for 4-20mA current input
  • Configuration Conversion factor(Slope) and addition factor
  • Generate events on crossing Maximum and/or Minimum thresholds that are configurable for each analog input.
  • Configure hysteresis for each analog input for generating events
  • Send alert data to server or via SMS on occurrence of configured events
  • Publish message with analog data to MQTT broker on periodic interval or on occurrence of configured events.
Serial Data Capture and Communication
Remote devices that can give data on its serial port on periodical intervals or on certain events can be made to communicate to a central server using our GSM/GPRS terminals. Some of the features that can be offered for serial data capture are
  • Continuously monitor serial port for incoming data and capture data whenever it is arrived at serial port.
  • Facility to configure starting character/string and/or ending character/string to ensure entire required data is captured by the terminal.
  • Give configured command to the device through serial port and capture response from the device.
  • Communicate captured data to the server on protocols like HTTP,TCP,FTP.
  • Communicate captured string to configured mobile numbers by SMS.
  • Publish captured data to MQTT broker with configured topic.
  • Store captured data in case of communication failures and forwards the same when communication is restored.
Remote control via SMS or Server Commands
Controlling remote devices is made easy by using Qinntech GSM/GPRS terminals. Remote devices can be controlled via SMS commands or commands from the Server. Features that can be offered for remote control are as follows:
  • Control through SMS commands only from authorized numbers
  • Provision for password authentication for remote commands
  • Connect to a server via TCP or HTTP and get commands
  • Provision for stay always connected to the server or for periodically connects to the server and gets server commands.
  • Provision to subscribe for commands on MQTT broker and get commands published by the server(s) at the MQTT broker.
  • Acknowledge the server or SMS sender on command execution.
Remote automation
Automation and monitoring the automation status is often a combined requirement of many projects. In normal cases Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used for automation and GSM/GPRS terminals are used to capture data from the PLCs to communicate the status to the servers. Qinntech offers devices that can take automation as well as communication of data to the server with high efficiency and less cost. Some of the salient features of these solutions are as follows:
  • The automation logics are user configurable with simple logical expressions.
  • Configure different logic for different week days.
  • Change automation logic using SMS commands or commands from server
  • Monitor Automation status at the server level
  • By pass automation by sending SMS Commands
Data Capture multiple Modbus clients and server update
MODBUS is a widely used standard protocol in the automation field. Our devices are capable to communicate to MODBUS client devices connected to it RS485/RS232 or Ethernet ports and collect data or write data to the devices. The features that can be offered in such applications are as follows:
  • Collect data from up to 32 Modbus client devices
  • Communicate raw data collected from client devices to the server in any of the standard protocols like HTTP,TCP or FTP.
  • Convert Modbus data collected from the client devices to usable parameters and communicate the same to Servers through GPRS or mobile phones by SMS. Firmware customization required for this feature as depends on the register mapping of the connected client device.
  • Publish collected data on MQTT broker with defined topic
  • Write to MODBUS registers of the clients, on commands from Server or via SMS