• Message Queuing Telemetry Transport(MQTT) is one of widely used connectivity protocol for M2M and IoT application. Qinntech has a ready to use solution to connect your remote device using MQTT protocol. Using Qinntech terminals with preloaded MQTT stack can take data from your devices and publish it to the MQTT broker. The terminal can also subscribe for the configured topics and pass on the messages published on the broker with the subscribed topics to the connected device. Using this of-the-shelf solution you can make your devices connected to your network very easily.
  • HTTP is one of the protocols widely used for data acquisition from remote devices. The easiness of writing server applications to fetch data makes it one of the most favorable options. Qinntech can offer readymade solution to make your devices communicate to the server on HTTP protocol. The standard firmware can be configured by the user to communicate the data given at its serial port to a HTTP server of their choice.
  • These terminals can also fetch commands from the server along with the server acknowledgements and pass it on the connected device. Provision is also available to periodically connect to server to fetch server commands.Wide configuration option makes this terminal suitable for most of the solutions. Qinntech also offers firmware customization to its used in case required to take care of specific requirements.
  • Another protocol used for connecting remote devices to a central server is simple TCP/IP sockets. Qinntech offers simple solution to establish a TCP/IP tunnel between remote devices to your Server. Once the server parameters and GPRS parameters are configured the device automatically connects to the server using GPRS and creates tunnel between the server and its serial port where the remote device is connected. Any data send by the server is pushed to connected device and its response is pushed to the server through the tunnel.The device checks the status of the tunnel continuously and in case the tunnel is broken, it will try to re-establish the tunnel. This will ensure that the remote devices are always connected to the server.
  • SMS is one of the most communication options for remote devices. It requires quite a bit of firmware modifications to the remote device to make it send SMS messages, indicating status or alerts, to predefined mobile numbers.
  • Qinntech intelligent GSM modems can make these tasks simpler. It can get any string at its serial port and send the same to a set of configurable numbers automatically. The remote device should only push the string to its serial port where the GSM modem is connected. The numbers to which messages are to be send can be configured in the modem remotely.
  • MODBUS is a standard protocol that is widely used by various industries for data acquisition from multiple client devices. Qinntech terminals have the capability to acquire data from one or more client devices connected to its RS232, RS485 or Ethernet ports. These terminals can collect data from up to 32 clients connected to it. The collected data can be communicated to central servers on protocols like HTTP,TCP or FTP. Our terminals can also support MQTT protocol for two way communication between the connected device and the central server.
  • Qinntech Terminals with Analog and Digital Input ports and also Digital Outputs are ideal choice for Remote Monitoring and Control application. Wide options available and customizable firmware makes our terminals suitable for any type of remote monitoring and control applications. High reliability of the terminals will ensure that you are always kept informed of the status of your remote devices. The firmware also has features that will enable you to configure alert messages to be send during alert situation. The system will allow you to send alert messages not only on change of status of a Digital Input, Digital output or Analog input but also will allow you to configure alert messages on events with combination of these parameters and time. For example you can configure alert message if the Digital output -1 is off when Digital Output -2 is on and Analog Input value -1 is greater than say 100 and time is between 10:00AM and 12:00N.
  • We have few protocol converters which can be used in data acquisition projects and industrial automation projects. Mainly we MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU converter, HART to MODBUS TCP convertor and HART to MODBUS RTU Convertor. These convertors are low cost reliable products which are quite easy to configure and use.